Bangladesh-India Problems need to be solved

During the forthcomming tour of our PM, Bangladesh should pay adequate attention to solve the following unresolved problems with India on  preferential basis along with other ponts of discussions : 
01. Legitimate share of transboundray river waters including Ganges,  Teesta and Barak and indepth discussions on construction of Tipaimukh dam.
02. Return of Tinbigha as per 1974 agreement and other disputed enclaves and boundary demercation.
03. Discussion on boarder killing of Bangladeshis.
04. Resolving of dispute about Dakhshin Talpatti near sunderban.
05. Reducing the huge trade deficit and removal of Non – Tarrif barrier.
06. Fencing of border by India without following proper international procedure.
07. Allowing direct transit to Bhutan and Nepal.
08. Construction of regional connectivity and Asian Highway in a mutual understanding.
09. Proper delineation of maritime boundary.

10. Improvement of Road, River & Railway communicatio, Purchase of Electricity, River dradging etc.


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