Construction of Padma Bridge/DAM

I read the contents of construction of Padma bridge which is one of the vital election commitment of  AL.  Prime Minister Sk. Hassina also want to implement  the same within their tenure of this term.  The estimated cost for the construction was $1.40 Bn. which has increased to $2.40 Bn. by the year ended ’09 and I don’t know how far it would go on course of implementation of the project for construction of 2-storied rail & road bridge.

Since long I foresee and posses the idea of constructing a Dam/barrage over the river Padma the sources of main water resources of the country with multiple opportunity like the construction of Rail way & multi-lane road communication similar to that of the proposed bridge, in addition using huge water resources – construction of hydro-electric project (the best kind of green energy) to the tune of 6000 MW or more even to meet the most vital requirement of Bangladesh for next 100 years, control and regulate the flood, irrigation etc in and arround 2/3 of Bangladesh, Aqua culture like open water fish cultivation to meet more than 50% of Bangladesh’s requirement and smooth navigation in the territory. which must be a project of multiple benefit for the nation as well to change the economy of the country and a jumpstart to achieve highest rate of GDP. The Development planner of the country should think about the proposal with their foresightness.

The projects implementation cost I gauge would be $20.00 Bn and pay back time must not be over 10 years. The Bangladesh Govt. have various local & international sources to finance the project if it is found  technically feasible & economically viable.


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