In my opinion, the rules set for the DCC election by Bangladesh Election Commission  are undoubtedly good. But I have a difference of opinion in two conditions set forth by the commission and one additional :

01. Each & every citizen of Bangladesh have the right to carry, hold or show/display to any body including publics the Photographs,Posters etc of Bangabandhu, because he is the Father of the Nation. No crest, criteria, political affiliation has the right to make any controversy on it.

02. Every citizen, individual, forum, Association, Society, Party or even any election candidate should have the right to spent his money for hiring any slate, space or sponsor any program in any media like TV, Cable, Newspaper, pamphlet, Handbill for publicise his idea, his manifesto among the public to set his image, to expand his business, to explore his idea in honest way. But for public election all the expenses must be within the limit fixed by the authority.

03. No one can go for any showdown like street procession, campaign procession over 5 peoples at a time with the candidate or his canvasser, and there must not be any miking or use of loud speaker except specified public meetings.


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