To day I noticed an article published in the Daily Ittefaq that hundred of peoples are dyeing in the country because of in adequate ICU in hospitals.

I am convinced that the least setup for an ICU in any hospital should consists of minimum 4 beds and  I also do not know the actual cost of an independent ICU consisting of 4 beds with equipments, A/C, every thing, but I gauge may be  Tk.50 lacs including cost of equipments, air-conditioning (Cooling & heating) and also I gauge, for setting up ICU facilities in approx. 100 more 4 bed units in the Hospitals including General Hospitals, Medical Collage Hospitals and some other specialised Hospitals like Jail Hospitals, Railway Hospitals, Army Hospital, Police Hospitals etc would cost the Government about Tk.50 crores at a time and for its maintenance about Tk.5 crores in a year. If it is not affordable by the government to save the life of numerous its citizen, then every hospital authority should creat space in side the hospitals for such facility and invite the rich peoples of the country to donate for the purpose.

In almost all developed countries rich peoples donate for setting up individual units of that hospital to keep their memories for ever. In the list of such donation were almost every thing like Reception Centre, Waiting Halls, Baby play zone, Cafeteria, Convention Centre, Prayer room, MRI Section, Scanning Sections, ICU, Operation theaters, Individual sections of Radiology, Pathology, Doctors room, Nurses Station and many more facilities including Furnitures, Hospital Beds, Equipments and so many. Why we could not take such initiatives in our country?


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