Being echoed with the voice of Mr. Anisul Haque, the renowned colamist I draw the attention of the nation’s policy makers on the light of  world climate, claimate of Bangladesh, COPA-15 simultenously over all development of Bangladesh. Since the Daily Prothom Alo enables the peoples to make coments  (  মন্তব্য ) in its on line version, I have been trying to provide some directions by way of coments  on the above mentioned and other related affairs. I wrote to upgrade Bangladesh Railway by starting construction of “Dhaka-Laksham integrated Chord Line” with dual gauge rail track and upgradetion of Laksham-Chittagong section with matching dual line track to make the public transpotation easier in between capital & port city and gradually extension of Chittagong – Cox’s Bazar rail line, improvement of Dhaka-sylhet, Dhaka-Dinajpur, Dhaka-Rajshahi, Creation of Dhaka-Khulna-Broad gauge rail line etc. Introduction of Electric Locomotives by replacing existing Diesel Locomotives. In the Dhaka City covering Narayangonj and Joydevpur construction of Light Railway/ Circular Sky Railway, construction of Over-pass on all rail crossings from Narayangonj- Dhaka-Tongi-Joydevpur. These are all about the Railway and to achieve all these the country must have adequate reliable energy source.
For generation of clean/green energy go to Padma -construct a huge DAM/Barrage with Road, Rail Road, Spillway –  Generate 6,000 MW or more clean electricity and keep driving the wheel of nation. Divert Natural gas from electricity generation to other fields of industrialisation, commercial & residential use. Go for huge forestation in coastal belt, river banks, stand boldly against deforestation nation wide.


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