To be Green, the first & foremost condition to have adequate Green Energy. The proven source of Green Energy are Nuclear Energy, Solar Energy, Wind Energy and Water Energy (Hydro-Electricity). Amongst them the Hydro-Electricity is a permanent source and might be cheaper & available for the longest. To find a suitable source and if attained the result the source can help the country for life time.

We have one small scale source  at Kaptai and there are no more possible source we found yet.

Since long I conceive an idea of using huge water resources of river Padma to generate clean energy and I am convinced modern technology can give us that scope. I poses a simple concept of building a Dam/Barrage in and around lower Padma either in Mowa Point or even any other lower point and thus we can reserve huge water resources of Padma and regulate through series of spillway to water turbine and could generate huge amount of Hydro-Electricity/Green Energy for the total requirement of the country and even for export to neighbouring countries (I gauge that should be 6,000 MW or even more).

If we can do that we could change the flood control situation of the country permanently, can resolved the irrigation situation in two-third area of the country to produce foods at least 3 times of present capacity, fish production to a big extent to meet the nutrition requirement of our citizens. We also can set up quickest and best road and railway communication with southern and western part of Bangladesh with central and eastern part of Bangladesh. We can save and diversified use of  the only recognised natural resources – Natural gas for which we can build nation wide net-work instead of burning for electricity. In my consideration the whole project will not cost more than $20.00 Bn which our Govt. can manage from home and abroad. We can utilise our achievement on World Climate to finance the project.

I hope our Govt. will take necessary initiatives positively and our experts will explore its feasibility at the soonest.

If we could meet the need of this essential commodity very first, we can keep our eyes on other sectors of development very quickly and we can build the Dream Land of Sonar Bangla within no time.


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