In the process of political discussions to seat in a Parliament Session in Dhaka and form of Government, on March 01, 1971 President Gen. Yahiya Khan in a televised speech suspended the Parliament session to be held in Dhaka, consequently people of all criteria burst into anger and came out in the streets with procession.

 On March 03, 1971 the student front designed the new National Flag of independent Bangladesh with a Map of Bangladesh inside red round ground of the Green & Red Flag and hoist the same in Paltan Maidan by the than DUCSU Vice President ASM Abdur Rob with patriotic song ‘Amar Sonar Bangla – Ami Tomai Bhalo Bashi’ by score of hundreds and thousand students and general peoples of all walks. Than the similar one hoisted in the Dhanmondi house of Bangabandhu with a procession on same day and henceforth hundred of thousands of such flags were hoisted in the Govt. Buildings, Schools, Collages and Residential houses of the city and countrywide.

 On March 07, 1971 Bangabandhu delivered his historical speech in Ramna Race Course in presence of millions of peoples and pave path towards the War of Independent. Mean time strong negotiation and lobbing going on inside the political environment, minority leaders of West Pakistan  including Mr. Julfiqar Ali Bhutto, Khan Wali Khan and many others gathered in Dhaka for a final settlement and nothing fruitful came out.

 On March 25, 1971 the Pakistani authority imposed an curfew in the major cities of Bangladesh and crackdown on the unprepared empty handed peoples in support of their huge arsenal like Rocket, Machine Gun, Tank etc and killed hundreds & thousand Bangali Army, BDR, Police personnel and general peoples of Bangladesh. As well arrested the Nation’s leader Bangabandhu Sk. Mujibor Rahman and sent him to Pakistan jail.

 On March 26, 1971 some people heard a short announcement of War of Liberation by AL leader M.A. Hannan from Chittagong Radio Station.

 On March 27, 1971 on the request of Mr. Belal Mohammad a renowned operator of Radio station Major Zia ur Rahman read a declaration of War of Liberation in English from improvised short wave radio station from Kalurghat, Ctg. where he was in guard duty at that time for and on behalf of the Supreme Leader Bangabandhu Sk. Mujibor Rahman and many times the same declaration was replayed .


From the very first of invasion publics of all walks including Bangali Army, BDR, Police, Anser started resisting the invaders inside the country as well in the boarder.

 On April 17 Temporary Mujib Nagar Sarker was formed and took oath under the leader ship of Syed Nazrul Islam as Vice President in Mujib Nagar a free zone in a mango plant in Meherpur, Kustia where the leaders like Mr.Taj uddin Ahmed, Mr. Mansur Ali, Mr.Abdul Malek Ukil, Khondakar Mustaq Ahmed, Dr. Kamal Hossain, Mr. Qamruzzaman and many other were participated.

 For the defense of the new country Gen. Mohammad Ataul Gani Osmani was appointed as Commander –in-Chief of Bangladesh Army and started official defense from May’71.

Meantime public named the fighting force as Mukti Bahini and the able peoples of the country were started joining in the Mukti Bahini to get their training and to fight against the invader army.

 In the month of June-July’71 the Mukti Bahini retreated to back positions for strategical reasons and choose the guerilla type activities inside the country.

 In August – September 1971 Mukti Bahini in support with Guerilla Bahini  with reinforced  strength started limited scale offensive and in some cases took support from Indian Boarder Security Forces.

 In October-November Mukti Bahini Started full scale assault on enemy positions and snatched out some territory like Chawgacha – Jessore, Ponchogar- Dinajpur, Jamal Pur Sylhet, Koshba-Comilla, Bilonia-Noakhali & Ramgar-Chittagong region. The invader solders retreated from their boarder defense lines towards cantonments. In these wars Bangladesh got some physical support from Indian boarder defense force.

 On December 03, Indian Prime Minister Mrs. Indhira Gandhi declared all-out war with Pakistan in reply to Pakistan’s air attack in some western fronts. And in eastern sector – India and Bangladesh build a joint command under the name of Mitra Bahini with its supreme commander Gen. Arora and advanced towards Dhaka the capital city of Bangladesh and the than central command of East Pakistan.

 On December 16, 1971 General Niaji with his 93,000 well trained soldiers surrendered to Bangladesh-India Joint Command (Gen. Jogjit Singh Arora & Bangabir Qader Siddiqui) and laid down their arms in Ramna Race Course from where Bangladesh Started its War of Independence.

On December 22, 1971 Mujibnagar Sarker returned home and running administration.

On January 09, 1972 Father of the Nation Bangabandhu  Sk. Mujibor Rahman was released from Pakistan Jail and transported to United Kingdom.

 On January 10, 1972  most awaited leader, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu  Sk. Mujibor Rahman reached at Tejgaon Air Port, his homeland, the dream land Bangladesh with love, affection and tear.

 On January 12, 1972  Bangabandhu set up his new cabinet with 10 dedicated companions.


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