August 14, 1947 Pakistan (East Pakistan – now  Bangladesh & West Pakistan – now as Pakistan) got independence from British Rules under the leadership of Quid-E-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Sher-E-Bangla AK Fazlul Haque, Hossain Sahid Sharawardi, Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani, Khaza Nazimuddin.

And India  in Augst 15, 1947 under Mohatma MK Ghandi, Jowarlal Neharu, Bhallab Bhai Patel, Moulana Azad, Morarji Deshai.  

February 23, 1948 The than Prime Minister Khaza Nazimuddin in his speech in the National Parliament declared the Peoples of East Pakistan will accept Urdu as national language of Pakistan, the leaders of Pakistan protested the decision.

February 21, 1952 The students of Dhaka University staged a procession in and arround Dhaka University campus on which police fired and killed students among Rafique, Barkat, Salam and many more.

 March 10, 1954 Pakistan hold its first national election and Jukto Front (Combined Opposition Party) under Haque-Bhashani form the cabinet.

October 07, 1958 General Ayub declared Martial Law & banned the civil government and declared himself as President of Pakistan.

September, 1965 Pakistan fought a war with India.

February 05, 1966 in a convention in Lahore Sk. Mujib placed 6 point Charter of Demand for self rule.

January 03, 1968 a case was started and arrested Sk. Mujibur Rahman and 35 others in the name of Agartola Conspiracy. And gradually a public movement started through out Bangladesh.

January 20,1969 Police opened fire on the procession of students against agitation and Shaheed Aman Ullah Mohammad Asaduzzaman Asad a student of Dhaka University was killed by an officer by a close range revolver shot at the opposite of main gate of DMCH. Consequently the usual movement transformed in to strong Revolution .

January 24, 1969 at noon in another procession police opened fire and Shaheed Motiur Rahman a student of Class IX of Nabakumar Institution was killed and may be next day Shaheed Abdul Latif a Dhaka Polytechnic Institute was killed in Tejgaon and thereby the revolution took a dastric turn.

February 22, 1969 Sk. Mujib was released from the jail as the result of stronger a public revolution. On 23rd in a public meeting in Ramna Race Course Sk. Mujib accepted the 11 Point Charter of Demand of Student Front a similar one that of 6 Points.

September 17, 1970 AL wins 160 seats of MNA out of 300 seats in National Assembly Election and 288 seats of MPA out of 300 seats in Provincial Assembly.

March 01, 1971 President General Ehaiya suspended the Nation Assembly Session supposed to be held in Dhaka to form the Government.

March 03, 1971 Student Front hoist the new national flag of Bangladesh in Paltan by the than VP of DUCSU MR. ASM Abdur Rob in a public show and than in the house of Bangabondhu and hence forth throughout Bangladesh.

March 07, 1971 Bangabondhu delivered a decision making speech in Race Course in presence of one million peoples and paves the way of independence.


March 25, 1971 After mid night at 00:00 hrs. Pakistan Army declared Martial Law and crack down on the general public and started mass killing in the name of ‘Operation Search Light’, they destroyed Pilkhana- BDR HQ, Rajarbagh Police HQ, They killed hundreds of thousand of Bangali Army persons, BDR, Police and General Publics and arrested Bangabandhu and sent him to a  jail in West Pakistan.

Before the arrest, Bangabandhu sent Msg of independent to BDR/Police Wireless and General Post Office over phone.

March 26, 1971 at around 2:00 PM an announcement came through Chittagong Radio by Mr. M.A.Hannan on behalf of Bangabandhu Sk. Mujibur Rahman.

March 27, 1971 A small transmitter was taken to Kalurghat and started as Shadin Bangla Betar Kendro and on request was guarded by Major Zia ur Rahman and on another request of Mr. Belal Mohammed, Major Zia read a declaration in english on behalf of ‘Nation’s  supreme leader Bangabondhu Sk. Mujibor Rahman at about 7:30 PM which was repeated many times afterwards.


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