A recent World Bank report lists Bangladesh as one of the 12 countries most at risk for climate-related problems. It is seriously at risk for all of the five main climate threats: drought, floods, storms, sea-level rise, and agricultural crop loss. A one-meter rise in sea level as the result of the melting of the Himalayan glaciers and Greenland ice sheet could flood one-third of the country and displace as many as 40 million people. In other areas of Bangladesh, climate change may contribute to salinity intrusion and increase the likelihood of winter drought. In both of these scenarios, a shortfall in crop production would ensue, threatening the food security of a society that is highly dependent on agriculture.


Peoples of Bangladesh do not know actually what commitments our government obtained from the rich & developed countries, which are liable for damaging the environment and thereby destroying the only earth to live. Any way, our Prime Minister recently made an appeal to the rich countries to release their share of contribution to the weather related suffering countries. This request of our PM to the world society indicates she received some favorable assurance from the big leaders to get some initial fund for the purpose. We don’t know how big or small that commitment which is best known to our PM.


Before and during the course of COPA 15 in Copenhagen, the big showdown of the leaders of sufferers and creators of sufferings to the human being, we have heard the suffering countries will get a handsome amount of money from the rich and developed countries as compensation towards the mitigation of suffering of the peoples of affected countries for building infrastructure for future protection along with necessary steps to be taken to stop green house gas. But during the final stage the world saw nothing came out from the conference but to carry out negotiation in the future only.


Here, my point is that, whether we know how much we are suffering now and how far these sufferings will go by the next 40 years and what preparation we are taking to protect our peoples and our country?

In this perspective, it is my consideration very first we pay our attention to stop deforestation and rush for huge forestation trough out the costal belt as well within the whole country.

The second important is the production of required Green Energy/Clean Energy like Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Hydro Electricity, Nuclear Energy etc and thereby divert the existing use of hydrocarbons like Gas, Coal, Diesel, Petrol, Furnace Oil for the generation of electricity and thus this diverted hydrocarbons may be use in other fields of development. The large scale production of Clean Energy so far is possible either from Hydro electric projects (using water resources) or by Nuclear Power Plant and out of these two the water resource is the best and cheapest, long lasting and almost permanent. The estimated power production cost from Imported Fuel – US$0.35, Natural Gas – US$0.10, Nuclear – US$0.05 & Hydro Electric – US$0.02.

In this regard I draw the attention to utilize the huge water resources of Padma, if found feasible & possible by building a big dam in and around  or down to the Maowa  Point which may give us huge electricity for the total requirement of the country even for next 100/200 years. If it is possible to implement, it will solve the other burning problems like communication, transportation, flood control & irrigation, fishery, navigation etc. Means it will be the golden gate for Bangladesh and its nationals and huge contribution to the world environment and economy! Alternatively we can go for 5 or 6 Nuclear Power Plants of at least 1000/1200 MW each which the other nations doing.

The third phase, I believe, construction of two tire barricade/embankment (Levi), Sea Wall at least 40 feet high in the whole of the costal line with earth and RCC as and where it needed.

Dredging of all or most of our rivers, cannels, lakes to control flow & accommodate more water for the flood protection & irrigation as and when required.

Construction of earth quake proof Multi-storied combined disaster centers for the accommodation of at least 50% of any neighborhood during emergency and convertible to Schools/Colleges, Satellite Clinic for primary & emergency health care, Growth Centre, Market Place, Local Government offices like Union/Ward Council, localized food godown with good road, tele/satellite communication under local government management. Due care must be given for availability of pure drinking water and sanitation.

Construction of direct & faster road, rail and water way communication facilities whatever possible from Capital to Zilla Sadar–UZ and such Centers.

Crops diversification for required food production with improved food habit etc.

The Government must have a master plan and phase wise plan and without late should start with own resources and gradually use the fund available from other sources. Due care must be given to protect the whole program from misappropriation and corruption.

The comprehensive 20 years $100.00 Billion plan on item-wise investment forecast for setting up an ambitious disaster management project considered in the perspective of Bangladesh and estimated on bare requirement of the country which need to be completed by 2020.

01. Controlling of Nation Wide Deforestation and  Creation of Dense Costal Line Forestation 2010-2015 $  5.00 Bn.
02. Green Energy sources-Padma Dam/ Nuclear Power Plants, Solar Energy & Wind Energy System (10,000 MW Min.) 2012-2020 $20.00 Bn.
03. River Dredging, Embank Protection,  Forestation & Irrigation System 2010-2020 $  5.00 Bn.
04. Construction of Costal Area Infra-Structures with Emergency Shelters with Health Care, Pure Drinking Water, Sanitation  & Communications     2010-2015 $  5.00 Bn.
05. Construction of Costal Line High Water surge protection Embankment /Barrage / Levi, Sea Wall etc. 2012-2015 $ 10.00 Bn.
06. Nationwide Communication (Rail, Road, Water way–Telecom, Satellite, Internet) with Priority to Coastal Belt   2010-2020 $ 10.00 Bn.
07. Crops Diversification & Intensive production for Improved Food Habit 2012-2020 $  5.00 Bn.
08. Nationwide Improved Healthcare & Dieses Control   2012-2020 $ 10.00 Bn.
09. Disaster Management Administration & Training with collection of Helicopter Squad, Amphibious Vehicles, Hoover Craft etc. to carry out Emergency Rescue and Relief operations. 2012-2020 $ 10.00 Bn.
10. Emergency Disaster Fund 2010-2020 $ 20.00 Bn.

P.S.    Any idea, conception, direction, guidance from any quarter onthe subject will be highly appreciated.


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