The latest decision announced by our Prime Minister to increase the Dhaka City’s boundary covering 1528 Sq. Km. from Gazipur at the north, Dholeshwari River at the south, Bongshi & Dholeshwari at the west and Shitolokkhya & Meghna including a part of Sonargaon UZ at the east. It is further clarified that the bigger city boundary will be consisting of present Dhaka City Corporation and Narayangonj, Tongi, Gazipur, Savar, Kadam Rasul, Siddirgonj & Tarabo municipal areas and the part of Sonargaon UZ upto River Meghna. And of course it will be a good plan even for next 50 years to come with a proposed implementation period of 20 years including few satellite towns.

Before that, the very important project of construction of only 50 Km. long Dhaka Eastern Bypass-cum-Flood Protection Embankment : Demra-Keodhala-Mousaidpur-Joydevpur with 2 major link roads Keodhala-Baridhara and Mousaidpur-Tongi should be constructed immediately without loss of any time. The proposed most important project remain un-implemented since last 20 years.

The proposed project if implemented will recover another half of Dhaka City which will immediately resolve the accommodation problems of 30-40 lacs of citizens. The over all cost of the project must not be over $150.00 Million with 4-lane road, connecting inside roads, drainage system and logged water transferring system etc and thus very quickly the recovered area will be inhabited up till Shitalakkhya & Balu river.

If any body interested I could provide Summarized Project Plan.


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