Identity theft is one of the vital causes of misleading, wrong doing world-wide. To avoid the complication arises out of identity proof it is legitimate legal right of every national or resident of any country to have his own Photo ID. There are two types of Photo ID like National ID and Driving License are generally issued under a common format having the Photograph, Date of Birth, Home Address, Issuing Date, Expiring Date and Signature of the owner and the Signature of issuing authority and name of the authorized department in one side, the other side with instructions and the magnetic strip like credit cards to hold required data of its owner with secret code of its genuinety etc. This ID is generally issued against Birth Certificate, SSC or equivalent Certificate etc proven documents and for Driving License the additional document of proof of passing Driving Test from the competent authority. All above things are to be processed electronically/digitally and kept saved under a database and the printed plastic ID cards to be given to its owner like the one Voter ID which can be replaced gradually with National ID or Driving License as the case may be. The developed & western countries including USA, Canada are using similar cards for their Citizens/Residents. This card can be used for the proof of identity in every spare of day to day necessity like education, treatment, home owning, banking, voting, law & order, judiciary every where.


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