ARMY’S Miscreant Activities and Attack on Sk. Taposh

The army is the most prestigious institution of the country. All the officers are bound under strict administrative law. Although some times some ambitious criminal officers and solders opened their dirty teeth to bite on the leadership i.e. top administration of the country and consequently the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sk. Mujibur Rahman, the most renowned and respectable 4 Political figure of the country Syed Nazrul Islam, Mr.Tajuddin Ahmed, Mr. Kamruzzaman, Capt. Monsur Ali and Great Freedom Fighters like Brig. Khaled Musharraf, Col. Haider, Col. Huda, Lt. General Ziaur Rahman, Mej. Gen. M.A. Manzur and a good numbers of Army and Air Force officers were killed so far along with latest killing of 57 Army officers inside the BDR HQ. And still the similar conspiracy is going on in side the Army.

It is the moral responsibility of Army Intelligence Departments to watch out and detect all these evil doings and find out the criminals along with their supporters/cohorts and put them to the hands of law for exemplary punishment, otherwise this kind of killing and destabilization will be continued. The bare instance of the similar incident was committed against Sk. Fazlenur Taposh the son of the one of the Architect of Independent Bangladesh Sk. Fazlul Haque Moni, the great youth leader of our War of Liberation and the nephew of our Prime Minster Sk. Hasina. Army intelligence & administration to be more vigilant & fast enough in unearthing this kind of conspiracy and crime situation to avoid any possible future attempts and also save their prestige.


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