I, MN Nabi Chowdhury S/o. Late Mvi. Bashir Ahmed Chowdhury of Village : Raja Pur, P.O. Enayet Pur, UP : Durga Pur, Uz : Begumgonj, Dist. Noakhali born in September 22, 1949. I got my primary education in Waseq Pur Chowkider Hat Govt. Free Primary School  and Secondary education from Waseqpur Junior High School, Cox’s Bazar Multilateral Model High School and Durgapur High English School and passed my SSC Examination in 1966. Admitted in Chaumohani Modon Mohan College in Intermediate Science but got admission in Dhaka Polytechnic Institute in the same year and passed Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical Technology) in 1970.

Since 1966 my political carrier started as a Student League activist and lead the Class, Hall & Institute as a front liner and participated in almost all the student movement at that time. My desperate move during 1969’s student movement in support of AL’s 6 – Points Charter of Demands and Release of AL Chief Sk. Mujibur Raman  and during the process the brutal killing of Shahid Assaduzzaman of DU and Shahid Abdul Latif of DPI compelled me to be more desperate like hundreds and thousand others and thus the movement turned into revolution and situation brought me to the near to the central student leaders like Nure Alam Siddique, Shahjahan Siraj, ASM Abdur Rob, Abdul Kuddus Makhon and gradually to Sk. Fazlul Haque Moni, Shirajul Alam Khan. Tofayal Ahmed, Abdur Razzak.

Consequently the gate of Bangabondhu House at Dhanmondi 32 became open for me where I met Mohiuddin Bhai and Aminul Haque Badsha Bhai and became almost a full timer in No.32 where I found Sk. Jamal very much friendly with me and I used to spent there almost 10-12 hours everyday like hundreds of other peoples during the final days of March 1971. It has become my daily routine to see the father of the nation and felt comfort when he loves me and ask something what ever it is. Even on March 25, I was there until about 11:30 PM.

At that time I used to live in a slum house of Bakshi Bazar in Urdu Road with a group of like minded young friends. Just before the mid night we tried to create barricades with push carts, Rickshows, lumber pieces and burning tires etc etc. and at one stage compelled to hide our selves in the area until morning of 27th March. And witness the killing, firing, shelling,  arson etc at University Halls specially Jogonnath Hall, Bangshal, Rajarbagh, Tanti Bazar, Shakhari Bazar, Sadar Ghat.  During the curfew brake we moved to shelter / safe house on the bank of River Burigonga at Milbarak.

Before sunset on April 01, I with my six friends crossed the river by a country boat and reached Karanigonj and started walking with a plan to go Sirajdikhan at about 8:00 evening we saw the flame of arson and sound of fire at our behind in Keranigonj. After crossing the river Dholeshwari we reached a house in a village at Sirajdikhan who gave us accommodation and food at that 3rd part of the night. We spent their the day i.e. April 02. Next morning we started for Munshigonj some way by walking some way by boat and at evening we reached and took shelter in the college, local people served us with Chira/Gur and we spent the night their. Next morning of April 03  we again start walking and riding a Votboti and reached Digir Par and waiting for transport at the evening we convinced a launch owner to drop us along with stranded hundred others with family too to Chandpur and reached at about midnight.

The local volunteers took us to the town hall and arrange some food specially some rice after almost two days of starvation. On April 05 morning we met ASM Abdur Rob the than DUCSU VP and a friend of mine Nikhil Shah a BUET student who died afterwards in an accident. While in Chandpur at noon of April 05 we witness the huge explosion at city centre where some enthusiastic young peoples were making country bombs which blow out a tin shed home, burned a good number of activists and within a few hours 5 of them were dead including one Shonkar.

The next morning we again start walking following a country road and reached Raipur of the then Noakhali after evening and met a friend of mine Engr. Jahangir Alam Bhuiyan who arrange food for us and helped to get a bus for Chaumohani my home town where we reached after mid night and took shelter in a room of Chaumohani College’s Degree Hostel. After two days meeting, discussion and consultation with my home town student and political leaders I with my accompanied friends went my village home 3 miles apart. After 2 more days my friends separated me and left me in home because my parents were not convinced to allow me to cross the boarder to participate the War directly.

But within the week I planed with my cousin Fazlu and in the 3rd part of night of April 25, 1971, we left home on walk for Kazir Hat then Kankir Hat, Satbaria Haor, Gunoboti Rail station and in the evening crossed the Chittagong road towards boarder under heavy fire from Pak Army Petrol Unit, any way at about mid night we reached the Camp of Mr. Khaje Ahmed MP at Chottakhola in Bilunia, who served us food at that night and afterwards we along with some others hired a 3-wheelar and reached Rajnagar PS of Tripura Police in the very morning of April 26. After reporting and registering in the Thana we were taken to the temporary camp in side the forest where met with my local student and political leaders like Mustafiz Bhai, Rafique Ullah, Prof. Hanif MP, SKG Rohul Amin and many other revolutionaries.

Within a day or two a lot of responsibilities were shouldered on me like providing accommodation for new comers, building camp houses, maintaining sanitation & healthcare etc etc.

From the First week of May Capt. R.P. Singh an officer of Indian BSF started coming in to the camp for providing primary training to the participants and I made a few platoons like A, B, C, D, E for convenience. Where I meet Capt. Amin Ahmed Chowdhury, Capt. Zafar Imam and other war commanders.

By the end of May we have selected 135 trainees for Guerilla training in specialized training centers and in one fine morning one secret service officer of Indian Army arrived in our camp with 4 Tata Mercedes Covered Truck and took our recruits to Agartola and put all of us in a new building constructed for a proposed glass factory in suburban area of Agartola. May be in the morning of May 30 we were taken to Agortola Airport where we boarded in a big hull super constellation aircraft and flown to Palam (Delhi) airport and than to Saharanpur base of Indian Air force after getting down we were given some junk food to eat and warm clothes to wear and again put inside an army convoy which passed through Deradhun, Lakhnow and than climbing through hilly road and finally reached the subcontinents best guerilla training centre ‘Tandua’ the 8000 ft above sea level at the early morning in frozen condition.

The Indian Army Officer (Major) accompanied us from Agortola responsively handed over us to the camp in charge Major Malhotra. From the 1st day of June we have started our training Under Major Malhotra, Major Chauhan, Capt. Rana and a good number of JCO’s & NCO’s along side our seniors like Hasanul Haque Inu, AFM Mahbubul Haque, Sharif Nurul Ambia so, so. By mid July our Arms & Demolition training completed and most of the training mates leave the camp for induction inside Bangladesh but we specially selected 40 were kept to provide higher training like Signal & Communication, Planning & Strategy etc where we had to learn Morse Code, Operation of ANGRC-9 the communication system, Map readings, Fighting Formations and many other Guerilla Techniques’ which take another 6 weeks and in the 1st week of September we were flown back to Agortola  and temporarily accommodated in the same transit camp in the Glass Factory Building and later moved to another base camp in Udoypur. On September 22, I was called back to Agortola by my leader Sk. Fazlul Haque Moni for a scheduled meeting with Major Dutta of Indian Army regarding some security measures and specially handing over the Cipher code etc. On way to Base camp at Agortola at the conabon area I met with Col. Khaled Musharraf  the Commander of Sector 2 who was waiting there for medical assistance as he was suffered injury in head & shoulder by enemy splinters.

On return back to Udoypur I was posted to Noakhali District HQ Team and were supplied with LMG, SMC, Revolver with Ammunitions, ANARGA Grenades, Explosives, Anti Tank & Anti Personal Mines. I was specially given a complete set of ANGRC-9 (Air Navy Ground Radio Communication System) with full range of accessories & tools. The next day the 26th of September, we were moved to Chottakhola near homeland boarder and started induction at night fall under some guides and in the morning I with my Greater Noakhali District Headquarter Team reached near Kankir Hat of Senbagh with a target to set up our First District HQ to operate, communicate and execute Guerilla Warfare against the enemy position and to control the local collaborators, Rajakars Peace Committee etc. Mean time we executed some small and medium operations in the region and gradually made the water hot for the enemies in the rural areas and gradually established control on whole countryside.

On mid November we moved our head Quarter from Senbagh to Begumgonj and centred in Mirjanagar near our big target Chaumohani and on the early morning of December 06, we executed an all out offensive against enemy positions in Chaumohani and Begomgonj Chowrasta and finally Noakhali was liberated on December 06 through a massive fight in and around Chaumohani, Begumgonj, Feni, Maijdi, Ramgonj, Laxmipur, Raipur. And thus we achieved our target reached at the door step of Independence of Bangladesh on December 16, 1971.


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